Saturday, November 1, 2014


Back in 2009 I studied abroad in the wonderful city of London! I was bright-eyed and bushy tailed and this was literally my FIRST time going abroad by myself. I was kind of scared so of course I chose an English speaking country (sometimes I regret it), but mostly I'm SO SO happy I went.
It really is one of the most wonderful places on this planet.

If you want to read more about what it was like to actually live there for a few months, visit my old blog from 2009. Bare in mind it's old and I was literally 19.

Some hi-lights of London:

1. West End Theatre -  I got super lucky and ended up taking a theatre class in London where we got to go to the theatre instead of actual class. I'm SO happy I took this class....i mean, why not? If you go to London I suggest you go to at least one West End Theatre show while you're there. The area is so cool and you can buy tix right on the street. I went to We Will Rock You and it was AMAZE.

2. Camden Market - head over there on Sunday or any day for that matter. It's crazy cool and you can get some amazing food

 3. The London Eye was pretty cool. Since I was living there I don't think I enjoyed it as much as a tourist, but it still gave amazing sites of the city, River Thames and the House of Parliament.

3. The Tube- it goes everywhere and it's easy. Take it when you can cause it literally goes everywhere you'll want to go.

4. Abbey Road: You can't visit London without seeing Abbey Road! I didn't go to Abbey Road till way later in my studying abroad, but it was really fun to see. We had to get the touristy pic of course. It wasn't the easiest thing to find in the world because every cross street looks the same, but once you see the sign you'll know!

5. Indian food - anywhere you go is pretty freakin' good.

6. Kensigton Palace and Gardens: Just beautiful! When we visited, Princess Diana's dresses were all on display inside and it was incredible.

7. The clubs - London is a club city. I went to soon many. Try and go to at least one when you're there!

8. Greenwich - We arrived by boat and it's such a cute little village. The hi-light was going to the time zone marker where you got to stand in two time zones at once!

9. The parks - there are so many. take advantage and go explore

10. Marylebone St. - Pronounced Marleybone. My school was on this street and I fell in love. It reminds me of the Marina in SF and is close to Regents park which was my favorite park in all of London. 

11.  Strongbow.  Back then they didn't have Strongbow in the US of A and this was my drink of choice of course.

12. Cream tea. You don't know until you know. The clotted cream is literally to die for. To be honest it was hard to find in London, but we had it at almost every day trip we went on. It's UNREAL!!!

13. Trooping the Colour - the Queens birthday parade. This is a MUST do if you're there in June. I got to see the queen, princes (DAYUMM) and all the other royals.

Some other amazing things I don't have pics for are:

-Westminster Abbey - Just as amazing as the pictures.

-Shakespeare Globe Theatre - You can get standing tickets for super cheap! I watched Romeo and Juliet, but it was super hot so I didn't stay the whole time. Very fun outing though.

-British Museum & Tate Modern - Amazing museums of old and new.

Now that i'm grown up and OLD (not really, I'm 25) I have a big girl job and we just opened up an office in London! I'm hoping to make a trip back this year :)